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The Analytical Scientist’s 2017 Power List!


Our co-founders Koen & Pat Sandra in the spotlight. Check out the Analytical Scientist’s 2017 Power List!

On October 17, 2017, The Analytical Scientist magazine published its annual Power List, celebrating the achievements and personalities that make analytical science such a dynamic field.

Koen Sandra - n°2 in the category of Pharma Pioneers
Pat Sandra - n°4 in the category of Separation Scientists
Pat Sandra - n°8 in the category of Leaders

Rather than listing a Top 100 as in previous years, we divided the list into ten categories, with ten scientists recognized in each. The ten categories are:

  1. Separation Scientists: Cutting-edge chromatographers and electrophoresis experts
  2. Spectroscopists: Leading lights in spectroscopy
  3. Mass Spectrometrists: Masters of mass spec
  4. Giants of Nano: Scientists advancing microfluidics and nanoscale science
  5. Pharma Pioneers: Stars of pharma and biopharma
  6. Omics Explorers: Researchers uncovering the secrets of life through genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and more.
  7. Public Defenders: Scientists protecting people and planet
  8. Inventors: Clever minds whose breakthroughs are changing analytical science
  9. Mentors: Supervisors, colleagues or teachers truly inspiring the next generation of scientists
  10. Leaders: Analytical champions influencing the progress of measurement science

The full Power List 2017 can be found online